We support each other in our school community. 
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We are a group of parents, teachers, and community members that saw a real need to celebrate diversity and inclusion in Grandview Heights & Marblecliff. We believe we can build on the learning attributes created at our schools to help students grow, not only academically, but grow in awareness with a commitment to being a responsible and caring member of our community.

ONE Grandview understands the challenges that students faces inside and outside the classroom. We want to work together to support students, parents and faculty as we learn about how we can be empathetic partners and allies in the fight against racism . By partnering with our schools, parents, and community organizations, we can connect programs, services, and resources so that we can begin to have conversations with one another on the importance of being inclusive, equitable and antiracist.

Mission Statement

We actively seek to understand the complex and rich identities of self and others and to lean into difficult topics related to anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion.

Vision Statement

To build a strong, inclusive, and anti-racist community and prepare our children to live in a multicultural society.